domingo, 10 de julio de 2016

JOKE: The Cry wall


 A  journalist heard something about a Jewish old man who had been praying next to the Cry War for many years, every year. So, she went there to ckeck it. Surprisingly, she identified him easily while she was  approaching.
  She observed him while he was praying.
   After 45 minutes, she approached him to interview him,  at the moment the old man turned to leave.
   Excuse me, Sir. I'm Rebecca Smith, a  journalist, would you mind me asking what your name is?
   My name is Morris Fishbein, the elderly man, he said.
   How long have you come here, Sir? The journalist asked him.
   At about 60 years.
   60 years! It's amazing! And what is the motive? The woman asked him yet again.
   I pray for peace among Christians, Jewishes and Muslims, that all wars finish shortly, that people don't hate each other, that children grow up as responsible adults and love his neighbours.
   And, how do you feel after these 60 years?
   As if I had been talking to a wall.

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