martes, 5 de marzo de 2013

REFLECTION: The furniture store

   A long time ago, some tools argued about their behavior in a furniture store.
   The hammer accepted his faults but asked that the screw was also expeled. The hammer said the screw had to spin a lot of times on its axis to be useful.
   After that, the screw also accepted to be expeled but, at the same time, asked the expulsion of the sandpaper. The screw showed the sandpaper was very rough and always had frictions with the other tools.
    And, then, the sandpaper agreed, under condition of the metre was expeled also because it was always measuring according to its measure, as though it was the uniq perfect tool.
   Then, the carpenter came in, put on his apron and started his work. He used the hammer, the sandpaper, the metre and the screw. Finally, the crude wood became a nice game of chess.
   When the furniture store stayed alone again, the assembly continued the deliberation.
   Next, the saw said:
   -"We have defects, however the carpenter works with our qualities and he allows we are valuable. So, don´t think about our bad features and concentrate ourselves on the utility of our good features."
   The assembly realised the hammer was strong, the screw joined and produced strength, the sandpaper was special to polish and file roughness and the metre was accurate and precise.
   They felt like a team capable to produce and make things of quality.
   They felt proud of their power and... since then, they loved working together.

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