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Cascades of ice as Niagara Falls

  Plummeting temperatures in the Unites States and Canada have caused chaos for many but have created a spectacular sight at Niagara Falls.
   Visitors who normally see a thundering waterfall have travelled to see part of the cascades frozen solid.
   Charlie Stayt explains.

Chinese man has new nose grown on forehead

   A man from China's Fujian province has had a new nose grown on his forehead following a traffic accident last year.

   The 22-year-old man suffered severe nasal trauma and his subsequent treatment caused his nasal cartilage to corrode. Surgeons came up with the idea of growing a nose on his forehead.
   After nine months of growth, surgeons say that the nose is in good shape and the transplant will be performed soon.
Damian Grammaticas reports.

Guinness World Records: 2014´s entries

   The UK's Leilani Franco - a contortionist who serves and drinks tea by using her feet - is among the stars listed in the new Guinness World Records to be released on Thursday.

   Also, you can see a robot with more than 8 metres, a skateboarder goat in a long walk, a small car and a man who has a collection with 322 different models of vacuum cleaners.

Science sheds light on the moment our lights go out.

   Scientists have discovered more about what happens to the brain as we die.
   A study on rats shows that the brain experiences a huge surge of electricity during the moment of death, suggesting that they are experiencing a higher state of consciousness.
It could explain why people claim to see white light or "life flash before their eyes" during near-death experiences.
Dr Jason Braithwaite from the University of Birmingham says that since this surge is happening in rats, it could also happen in humans.

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