Unusual people

Susan Boyle

The public and the members of the jury made fun of her because of her appearance. But, when they listened to her, they realised how wonderful and pretty she was in fact.
Here you can listen to her song: "I dreamed a dream".

Jessica Box: a pilot without arms

Jessica Box was born without arms as result of one congenital malformation. However, this physical defect hasn´t stopped her to get the maximum in her life.
In fact, she has experienced and achieved more than most of people in all their life.
She´s able to drive a car, to pilot a plane and to play the piano, all these things with her feet.
In 2012, she got married to Patrick (her former Taekwondo teacher). She has 2 black belts.
She lives in Tucson (Arizona).
She´s 30 years old, travels around the world talking, encouraging and giving an example with her own life about what everyone can achieve, only wishing it.
This month, she´s going to visit Etiopía in order to help to promote the handicapped people rights.

The world´s oldest female bodybuilder

The world´s oldest female bodybuilder wakes up every day at 02:30 fit on a 10 miles (16 km) run before hitting the gym.
She sais: "age is nothing but a number".

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