lunes, 4 de marzo de 2013

JOKE: Euthanasia in young people

Euthanasia in young people

   Yesterday evening , mi mother and I were sitting down in the living room talking about several things. Between other ones, we were talking about the life and the death.
   I said to her:
   -" Mam, leave me never to live in a vegetative stage, depending on machines and liquids and living an unnatural life. If you see me in that way, unplug the artefacts which keep me alive. I prefer dying".
   Then my mother stood up with a face full of admiration and unpluged: the TV, the DVD, the Internet cable, the PC, the MP3/4, the telephone, she took my mobile, the IPOD, the BLACKBERRY ahd she threw all coca-colas and beers...
   Damn it! A little more and I die myself!!!

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