viernes, 8 de marzo de 2013

REFLECTION: The bottle of the life

   A long time, an old teacher got all his pupils together and without talking any work, he took a great bottle empty, with a wide mouth, and filled it with golf balls. Next, he asked his pupils if the bottle was full.
   The pupils answered that it was right.
   Then, the teacher took a box full of marbles and emptied it inside the bottle. The marbles filled the empty hollows between the golf balls and the teacher asked his pupils again if the bottle was full. They answered again that it was correct.
   Next, the teacher took a box with sand and emptied it inside the bottle. Of course, sand filled the empty hollows and he asked them again if the bottle was full.
   In this ocassion, the pupils answered with one emphatic "yes"!
    At once, the teacher added two cups of coffee into the bottle and really coffee filled all the empty howles between sand.
   The pupils couldn´t believe it. When they stopped to laugh, the teacher said:
   - "I want you realised that this bottle symbolizes the life. The golf balls are the more important things, as the family, the children, the health, the friends... the things that you love. If all the rest of the thing disappeared, our lifes would continue being wonderful."
   The marbles are the other important things for you, as the job, the house, the car, etc...
   The sand is all the rest things, the unimportant things.
   If we put, in the first place, sand into the botle, there won´t be spaces for the marbles or the golf balls. It´s the same with the life. If we spent all our time and energy in unimportant things, we will have never space for the important ones.
   One of the pupils raised your hand and asked him what coffee symbolized. The teacher smiled and said:
   - "It´s only for demonstrating them that there is always a time for a couple of cups of coffee with a friend although you have a lot of things to do."

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