viernes, 1 de marzo de 2013

JOKE: The importance of the churros and the coffee

  Two lions escaped from a zoo.
   Each lion went to different places. A lion went to the mountain and the other one went to the city centre. All people looked for them and nobody found them.
   After one week, the lion, which had escaped to the mountain, came back. It was skinny, starving and it had a temperature. It was redirected to its cage.
   Three months later, no one reminded to the lion which had gone to the city centre, until one day the lion was recaptured and took to the zoo. It was very fast, healthy and boundless of health.
   When the two lions were together, the lion that escaped to the mountain asked  its colleague:
   -"How did you were in the city so long and you come back so healthy? I, who went to the mountain, didn´t find anything to eat. So, I decided to give myself up."
   The other lion explained its:
   -"My experience was very different. I was in Spain" -told me-. "I went to a place where it´s difficult that someone looked for me and I hid in the Ministry. Each day I ate one government employee and no one noticed his/her absence".
   -"And... why were you captured? Did the government empoyees finish?"
   -"No at all... The government employees never finish. The point is that I made a big mistake. I had already eaten 20 Advisors, 8 Directors, 5 Coordinators, 22 Private Secretaries, 20 Union Members, 15 Heads of Zone and nobody noticed that they had disappeared. But... the day when I ate the Porter, who served churros and coffee... all finished!" 

   What we are going to do, if we are in Spain!!!

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