viernes, 1 de marzo de 2013

JOKE: Marriage without arguments by life

   A couple  was interviewed in a program of television because they were married since 40 years ago and they had never fought themselves.
   The journalist, full of curiosity, asks to the man:
   -"But have you never discussed?"
   -"Not" - the husband answered.
   -"And how is that?"
     My wife has been grown up by her father, a man of field, a determined but determinant man... When we married, my wife had a mare that appreciated a lot, it was what she wanted more... She was a woman of field and that mare was her better friend. It was the creature that she spoiled more in the life. The day of our wedding we were of honeymoon in our carriage thrown by the mare. On the road toward our destination the mare tripped. My wife told with a firm voice to the mare:
   -" ONE!"
   To half of our destination, the mare tripped again. My wife looked at to the mare and said:
   When we arrive at our destination, the mare tripped again itself. She got off and told him:
   -" THREE!"
   Inmediately, she drew the gun and hit five shots to the mare.
   I, completely absorbed and uncomfortable, reproached her:
   -"But you are a lunatic woman! ¿Who in their right mind would kill that poor animal?"
   -"You are an unhinged and murderous person!"
   My wife looked at me fixedly and told me:
   And... since then..., THERE IS NO PROBLEM AMONG US...!


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