domingo, 1 de junio de 2014

A genie inside a bottle (anonymous)

   A couple were playing golf on a distinguished field surrounded by awesome mansions. When the husband hit the ball three times said to his wife  "My dear, take care when you hit the ball. You could break some of the windows of those houses. It would cost a fortune to repair them."
   Unfortunately, she hit strongly the ball and broke one of those windows.
   He reproached her  "I said to you that you took care of it. And now, what can we do?" Let's go to apologize and let's see how much the repair costs."
   They knock the door and they listen to "You can come in, the door isn't locked."
   They open the door, see that tthe floor is covered with glass, a broken bottle near the table and an elegant man sits down on a confortable amchair, who ask them " Did you break the window?" "Yes, we did", the husband answers shyly. "We are very sorry. We wanted to pay for the caused damage."
   The genie says "At all, I'm who must thank to you. I'm a genie who was inprisonment inside that bottle for thousands of years, You realised me. So that, I'm going to concede you two desires but the third one will be for myself."
   "Wow, it's fantastic!", the husband saiys. "I would like a million of euros for the rest of my life."
   "Any problem! It's the least that I could do for you."
   "I want a house in every country of the world!", she adds.
   "You desire is realised" , the genie says.
   "And what is your desire, Genie?", the husband asks very interested.
   Seconds later, Genie says " Since I was trapped inside that bottle thousands of years ago, I didn't take the opportunity of doing sex. Mi desire is to do sex with your wife because I always dreamt about to do it with the first wife I saw.
   "Well, my dear, we earn a lot of money and houses. I don't know what you think but it's for once. I believe he isn't asking so much!"
   The woman accepts enthusiastically. She thought "The guy is very attractive."
   The genie hands her to a bedroom. Three hours spent together.
   Finally, the genie looks at her and asks her "Tell me, I have a curiosity, how many years is your husband?".    "Thirty and five years old", she answers.
   The genie replies "I can't believe that he still believes in genies."

   " Dogs open its eyes when they are 15 days; however, stupids will never do that."



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