viernes, 1 de marzo de 2013

JOKE: The Manchegan cat

   A Manchegan cat arrives at the Port of Barcelona by lorry.
   Immediately, the cat sees a mouse and chases it to become it in your dinner... but, the mouse gets to hide into a hole.
   The cat, astutely, starts to bark:
   -"¡Wau, wuau,wuau!"
   When the mouse listens to the barks, it decides to leave because it believes there is a dog attacking the cat.
   The mouse leaves and... chas...chas... the cat eats it.
   When the cat was sttufed, it exclaimed full of satisfaction:
   -"Damn, it´s truth what my family said me in my house:
   - In Catalonia, if you aren´t bilingual, you dies because of the hunger!".

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