domingo, 12 de octubre de 2014

JOKE: A good negociated agreement or the importance of knowing how to argue (anonymous)

   A domestic worker asked for a payrise to the lady of the house, but the lady disagreed in this point and ask her why she believed she deserved a payrise.
   The domestic worker said there were three reasons:
   "The first one is that I iron the clothing much better than you."
   "Who has said this thing?", replied the lady.
   "Her husband", said the domestic worker.

   "The second reason is that I cook much better than you."
   "This is totally false, who has said to you such things?"
   "Her husband too, madam."
   "My goodness!"

   "And the most important reason is the third one, I'm much beeter than you in bed."

   At that moment, the lady started to get very angry and asked her, crying aloud:
   "Has my husband said to you this point?"
   "No, madam, the gardener is who has said to me this."

   AS THE RESULT,  the domestic worker got a pay rise.

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