viernes, 29 de marzo de 2013

Buddhist message

Se dice que alguien le pregunto al Buda "¿Qué es lo que tú y tus discípulos practican?
El les respondió: "Nosotros nos sentamos, caminamos y comemos".
Entonces volvió a cuestionar: "Pero cualquiera puede sentarse, caminar y comer".
A lo cual el Buda contestó:
"Nosotros, al sentarnos, estamos conscientes de estar sentados, al caminar, estamos conscientes de estar caminando y al comer, estamos conscientes de estar comiendo."
   Someone asked Buda:
   -"What´s what you and your disciples practise?"
   He answered them:
   -"We sit down, walk and eat."
   Then, this person answered again:
   -"But, whatever person can sit down, walk and eat".
   Buda answered:
   - When we sit down, are conscious of being sitting down; when we walk, are conscious of walking and when we eat, are conscious of being eating."

   (I love this message because for me represents the reflection of one stressed population, which does a lot of things and quickly, without enjoying anything . Instead of delighting in the   "here" and "now", they are always thinking in what they must do later and in all what they remain to do).


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