domingo, 31 de marzo de 2013

JOKE: The spectacles!

 A friend of mine went to Madrid for business. Knowing that his girlfriend needed some spectacles for her sight and, finding the occasion to buy her some ones very beautiful and expensive, he came in an optician's shop.
   After seeing several ones, he decided to buy one of them...
   The shop assistant wrapped them. He paid for them, but... when he was going to leave, instead of taking the package with the spectacles, took another similar package which was next to him.
   The package contained some knickers which one optician's shop's customer had just bought in a haberdashery.
   My friend, who didn't realise of his error, went directly to the Post office and sent the package to his girlfriend, with one letter.
   When his girlfriend received it, she was astonished with the contents, so she opened the letter and read:

   Dear Marta,
                            I hope you like this gift, above all because you needed them, considering that since a long time you carry the same ones and these are things that must be changed from time to time.
   I hope to  get right with the model.
   The clerk said me these ones were in fashion, even she showed me the yours and they were equal. I myself, to check if they were light, caught them and tried on me there in that moment.
   Yo don't know how the salesperson laughed herself, because these female models on the men suits very funny and more on me (you know that I have got some prominent traits.)
   A girl, who was there, helped me also to choose. She asked them to me, took off the hers and put on them to her in order to I was able to check the effect.
   They fit better on the clerk than on the girl, because her hair covered them a little , but, anyway, it seemed to me that they suited very well.
   Finally, I chose these ones and bought them. Put on you and show them to your parents, brothers and... to all people, let's see if they like them.
   At the begining, you will feel like a strange person... being used to wear the old ones and, lately  not to wear any ones... but, above all, look they don´t fit you too small, if not, they are going to mark when you take off them.
   And... take care also they don´t fit you too big because they can drop when you´re walking.       
   The clerk has advised me you clean them very often in order to they are useful and seem more beautiful.            
   Equally, she recommended me you take care with the touch because they can  finish  ruined themselves. Wear them with a lot of care and, above all, don´t leave them in any place because you can  lose them. You have the habit of taking off them in wathever place.
   Anyway, what am I going to tell more for? I wishing to see them  put on you. I think this is the better gift which I have done to you.
   A kiss... from you Paco!

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