lunes, 8 de abril de 2013

The pilgrim´s commandments.

When I was going over  the Way of Santiago, one pilgrim gave me these commandments. For me, it was the best travel in my life. I learned that only a few things are necessary to live and... since then, I try to live without too "luggage".

   1. You will follow the yellow arrows over all things.
   2. You won´t run kilometres in vain.
   3. You won´t rest not even in holidays.
   4. You will call  your father and your mather.
   5. You won´t stop.
   6. You won´t complain.
   7. You won´t say false distances when you talk.
   8. You won´t have thoughts or wishes to go back to your house.
   9. You won´t covet the foreign blisters.

   These commandments are contained in 2:
   1. You will walk over all things and
   2. You will take care of the backpack of the neighbour as yours yourself.

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