domingo, 7 de julio de 2013

JOKE: The tie.

 An Arab was crawling over the sand of the Sahara desert, exhausted, desperate and wet, when made out a movement in the distance.

   With the hope of finding a place to drink water, he arrived until the image wich he saw far away.
   There, he found a Catalan senior, sat down next to an easel full of ties.

   - "I´m dying of thirst. Could you give me a little of water?" - the Arab implored.
   The Catalan senior answered:
   - "The truth is that I don´t have any water, but... why don´t you buy a tie to me?"
   - "Look! This is fit with his tunic.
   - "I don´t want a tie! The Arab screamed... Water, fuck, water!"
   - " Well, well, don´t buy a tie to me if you don´t want, but... in order to see you that I´m a good person, I will say to you that, behind that hill:

 at about 6 kilometers, there is a small oasis with a good restaurant. Run in that direction, they have got all water that you want!"

   The Arab thanked it to him and disappeared cut and run toward the hill.

   Four hours later, the Arab came back where the Catalan senior was. He went on sat down next to your easel full of ties.
   When the Catalan senior saw him, asked him:
   - " Do you find the place or you have lost?"
   - " I found it perfectly , but your damn brother said to me that no one can came in the restaurant without a tie!"

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