miércoles, 12 de junio de 2013

JOKE: Mental healthy

   Albert and Alice are patients in a mental hospital.

   One day, while they were walking near the hospital swimming pool, Albert, suddenly, jumped into the swimming pool and fell down until the bottom, where he kept unmoving.
  Alice, suddenly, came into to save him, swam until the bottom and took off him.
 When the hospital director knew about this heroic act of Alice, ordered to discharge her; he considered she was now mentally stable.
    The director said to Alice:
   - "I have got two news for you... one is good and the other one is bad."
    -"The good news is that we already discharged you; when you entered into the swimming pool and saved the life of another patient,  demonstrated to be able to solve reasonably a crisis situation, so I concluded you are mentally healthy and can leave the hospital.

   -"The bad news is that Albert, the patient who you saved his life, hung himself in the bath with the belt of your dressing gown... immediately after you saved his life... Alice, I´m very very sorry! Albert is dead."
   Alice, astonished, answers the director:
   -"He didn´t hang himself... I did it in order to he dried."

   Joke of  Eugenio, San Isidro

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