lunes, 17 de junio de 2013

JOKE: Ramiro, you forgot something again!

   - Ramiro, you forgot something again!
   - What, Alejandra!
   - Today we reach 5 years since we got married!
   - But... but... my dear, how I was going to forget this date?
   - I want you to bring me to dinner, to see a good show and to dance.
   - Precisely, this was what I had planned!
   - Well, I want you to bring to "The 49".
   - Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? You are crazy! This is a night club!
   - Ramiro, I want you to bring me there and period!
   Without another option for Ramiro, they left... As soon as they arrived, the parking lot attendant said:
    - Good night! How´s it going, sir! It´s a pleasure to meet you again!
   The wife, astonished, replied:   
   - What does he say? That is it a pleasure to meet you "again"? Maybe has you come before to this place?
   - Me? But... you are crazy! To this night club? They say to all people the same... these places are like that!
  They arrived to the hall and the doorman said:
   - Mister Murillo... It´s good yo see you!
   - He called you Mister Murillo, does he know you?
   - Ehhhhhhh?... Of course, this guy works in the building of my office... This is the electrician of the building.
    Into of the local they were received by Alex, the manager:
   - How are you Mister Murillo? The better table as always, doesn´t it?
   - Is this also an electrician in your office, Ramiro? I´m going to kill you!
   - No, no, this sir knows me because he´s the man who sold the Ford Explorer which I bought you.
   - Ramiro, you are... you are...
   In that moment, the seller of cigarettes appears:
   - My kiiiiiiiiiing! I give your Cohíba tobacco?... 
   The woman who sold the tobacco put the Havana cigar into her breast.
   - Go into your hand, my love, and take out your Haban cigar as you like!
   Alejandra was going to kill her husband when, suddenly, the lights switched off. Ramiro and his wife sat down and the show started.
  A super sensational woman appeared and began to do a strip-tease. When the woman only wore a tanga, she approached to the tables and, very very loving, asked to all people:
   - And now... who will take out my tanga?
  All together shouted:
   - Ramiro with his teeth! Ramito with his teeth!
  Alejandra didn´t bear anything else. She cut an ran and took a taxi. Ramiro followed her and got on the taxi. His wife started to hit him and tried to throw outside:
  - You are the son of the bitch greater than the whole history!
   Alejandra took out a shoe and hysteric, started to hit on his head and shouted him swear words. Then, the taxi driver turns and exclaims:
    - Look, we have carried some crazy prostitutes... Sir Ramiro... but as this woman, none!

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