lunes, 4 de noviembre de 2013

ABOUT ME: My trip to Oporto

   I love travelling! When I go to a new city I love going through from beginning to end, but walking, feeling every sound, smelling every aroma, stepping on every hand of its ground...

   So, this summer I have visited Oporto.

   You can appreciate at the bottom of the photos above the famous bridge Luiz I and the small boats that, you can see, represent everyone of its famous wine cellars.

   This bridge has two levels: cars drive underneath and trains drive at the top. Pedestrians can walk underneath and at the top. As you can guess, we walked underneath and at the top of the bridge as pedastrians.


   On the right of the same bridge , you can appreciate a funicular which connects the low part of the city with the high part:

There was also cable railways to connect the low part and the high part of the city at other side of the bridge, where the wine cellars are.

The Duero river goes through Oporto; so, it´s pretty to walk along the Riviera, that stars since Luiz I bridge, where a lot of boats sail:

...and where the mime artists are, apart from restaurants with typical meals and mobile kiosks. This mime was incredible for us, look the details:

Taking advantage the substructure of a ruined bridge at the side of Luiz I bridge (probably it would be the former bridge), they had taken advantage to set a nice restaurant:

It was very curious to find some trees worn in this way:

 I understand they like to make crochet, but I couldn´t imagine this way of display.

Typical photo of the City Hall from the swings setted in front of it, with my family:

Here, some photos of the Cathedral from several perspectives:

Typical Altars inside the churches: white colours and stair forms:

It was very strange the train station for the beautiful decoration on its walls:

Typical photo of the Portuguese houses with tiles:

The way of Santiago always crosses this city. Here you can see the yellow arrows:


We walked along the big Park of the City, with several ponds even with swans, which leads into the beaches. We arrive there and my husband and my son took a bath. I didn´t  because, for me, the water was very cold, although I love swimming. I was born to be a siren.

At the end of the Park, we arrive to a castle where a maritime promenade started along the beaches:

   After going over the old part of the city (something depressed) and the modern part (much more majestic), we went up to a castle that it was higher even than this bridge and we saw the sunset a couple of evenings.  I love seeing sunsets and seeing how the lights of the small houses are turned up. It looked like as a Nativity Scene.
     I have always fascinated to watch the dawn (that I associate with the period of my life from my birth until my maturity); however the evenings make me depress (I associate with my forties until the acceptance of my new period of life) and the sundow and the nightfall make me calm down (that I associate with my future senescence in which,,I´m sure, I´ll have accepted the end of mi life).


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