domingo, 11 de agosto de 2013

JOKE: Virgin after six marriages


A Traffic Civil Police gets married with a woman who had been already married six times before.
   The wedding night, in the room of the hotel, the bride says:
   -"¡Please, my love, take care of me. I´m still virgin!"

   The bridegroom, astonished, asked her how it was possible.
   She answered:
   -"My first husband was a psychiatrist and he was only interested in talking about the sex".
   -"My second husband was a gynaecologist and he was only interested in examining the reproductive system."
   - "My third husband was a philatelic and he was only interested in licking."
   -"My fourth husband was a finance director and he said he knew that had the best product but he didn´t know how to use it."
   -"My fifth husband was a civil servant and he said he knew perfectly how to do it, but he wasn´t sure that it was a job for him."
   -"My sixth husband was a technician of computers and he said if the organ worked correctly, it was better not to touch it."
   Then, the husband asks her:
   -"And... after so failures, how do you decide to get married again?"
    The wife answers:
   -" Well, because you are a Traffic Civil Police, so I´m completely sure that, at the end, you´re going to fuck me!"

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