domingo, 29 de junio de 2014

My dear dad, can I ask you a question?

   "Dad, can I ask you a question?"
   "Yes, of course!"
   "Dad, how much money do you earn in an hour?"
   "It isn't a question of your competence. Why do you ask me such issues?"
   "I only want to know it, please! Tell me, how much money do you earn in an hour, please, please!!!"
   "Well!  I earn 100 euros per hour."
   "Wow!" (His son sadly hangs his head).
   "Dad, can I borrow 50 euros?"
   His father gets very angry and replies " If the only reason why you want to know how much money I earn is to borrow money in order to buy a silly toy or some another silliness else, then, I order you to go directly to your bedroom, to keep on your bed and to think why you're being so selfish. I work very hard every day and don't feel like to be annoyed by your children's behavior".
   The child, in silence, went to his bedroom and closed the door.
   The man sat down and began to feel every time anger and anger. How dares he to make such questions only to obtain some money!
   After an hour, the man calmed down and started to think about the question.
   His son didn't usually give him any money. Maybe, he needed to buy something important for him now. His father approached the door of his bedroom and opened it.
   "Are you slept, my dear son?"
   "No, dad, I'm awoken."
   "I've been thinking that, perhaps, I was too hard with you. Today I have had a long day  and I have taken out on you. Here you are the 50 euros that you borrow me.
   His son smiled and said "Thanks dad".
   After that, the son stood up and caught some wrinkled bills which he kept behind his pillow. The father got again very furious when he realized that his son had more money. Calmly, his son counted the money and next he looked at his father.
   "Why do you want more money?"
   "Because I didn't have enough money, but now I did."
   "Dad, now I have 100 euros. Can I buy an hour of your time? Please, go at home earlier tomorrow. I would like to have lunch with you."
   His father felt extraordinary crushed. He gave him a strong hug and begged his pardon.
 From: Yako Mega Chacon Miranda
Translated by me

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