jueves, 10 de julio de 2014

Lagos, in the Algarve of Portugal

   Last weekend I went whith my husband and my son to visit Lagos, in the south of Portugal.
   On the one hand, I booked a suitable hotel with breakfast included for two days . It had a good relation between quality and price. More importantly, it was located between the marvellous beaches and the downtown, so that we simply could arrive there on foot. The hotel goes by the name "Montemar". I would recommend you if you wanted to go there.
   On the other hand, it was a great shock by me when I could check the enormous rocks which were along the coast. The scenery was incomparable. I have never seen such a scenery before. It was totally magic, absolutely gorgeous. What it's more, we hired a small boat from La punta de la Piedad to see the hidden places and caves that it would be impossible to know by another way. Besides, wather was absolutely crystaline. You coul see the bottom of the sea perfectly, even the stones and the fish. It has been awesome.

   The centre of the town was similar to the downtown in Seville, with comercial and crowded streets; however, it was very remarkable the fish in the public market. Curiously, all of them shone, probably because they were fished the night before and they were very fresh. I took several photos to remember them.

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