jueves, 28 de febrero de 2013

I didn´t believe in palmistry until that day...

   I didn´t believe in palmistry; however, I have to recognize I was flabbergasted that day...
   About ten years ago, I was walking along the Constitution Avenue (in Seville) when a woman took my right hand and read it, without hesitation, emphasising important and curious events of my past.
   For example, she said to me that I worked in a dangerous job and I had had several accidents (all totally true, because  I worked like a driving school teacher in that period of my life and had suffered several accidents), but someone "very special" was protecting me.
   This cuestion gave me the creeps because my father had dead a couple of years ago and I felt that he was always sitting down in the rear of my car when I was working. This feeling was something unmentionable because if you told it to someone, you could be considered like a mad.
   Next, she took my left hand and read my future as if my hand was a book. She told me, between other things, that I was in love and was going to get married very soon (indeed, I was going to be married within a month),that I was going to have a long honeymoon (it was like that) and that I would never have money problems (at the moment all her predictions have been accomplished).
   However, I worry about a thing: she seemed a little confused when she predicted that I would had, at least, two male children. At the moment, I only have one son and I can´t practically have any child more.
   And...I ask myself if the unique thing which  hasn´t  accomplished yet, will accomplish in the future and how it will be possible.

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