viernes, 1 de marzo de 2013

JOKE: Cristóbal Colón could discover America only because he was single

   Cristóbal Colón could discover America only because he was single.

   If Cristóbal Colón had had a wife, he would have had to hear:
   - "And... why do you have to go?"
   - "And... why don´t they send another man?"
   - "Are you the most silly?"
   - "You see round all!"
   - "Are you mad or idiot?"
   - "You don´t know my family and you want to discover the new world!"
   - "What do you hide?"
   - "You don´t even know where you go!"
   - "And... Only are men going to travel?"
   - "Who is going to believe it?"
   - "And... why can´t I go if you are the chief?"
   - "You take me never travelling! Miserable! You don´t know any more what to invent to stay out our home."
   - "If you cross that door, I go to my mother´s house! Scoundrel!"
   - "And... who is such that María? What Paint (Pinta)? And do you say she is a Girl (Niña)? Piss off... sex maniac! You had planned all, damned!"
   - "You are going to meet these whore Indias. You can´t fool me! Is The Queen going to sell her jewelry in order to you can travel?"
   - "Do you think I´m silly or what? Namely what you have with that old woman! You won´t be allowed to go anywhere! You always arrange to leave me alone! If the world goes on plane, nothing is going to happen. So, don´t dress that... DON´T GO!"

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