miércoles, 20 de marzo de 2013

PERSONAL EXPERIENCES: I learned to hypnotize when...

   I learned to hypnotize when I was studying Psychology.
   Since then, I had realized the great power that our mind had.
   You can achieve one person eats one raw onion as though it was a delicious apple, or get one part of his/her body turns into an iron block (not even an elephant would be able to blend it), or make his/her feel some different emotions or sensations (for example, that he/she sweats of hot and shiver of cold in a few seconds), etc...
   You can get one person remembers past events or even record in his/her mind one hypnotic indication in order to that person gives up smoking, for instance.
   I have done telepathy under hynosis and removed some pains. But, with regard to this last point, we must be careful because pains are warnings (something doesn´t work enough well in our organism). So, if you eliminate that pain, the infeccion or illness will continue without symptoms and this matter should be dangerous.
   It´s an exciting practice, but we must know more about it.

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