sábado, 2 de marzo de 2013

REFLECTION: If money circulates, the crisis is finished

   We are in a small city of the coast, in August. It´s raining and the city looks like desert for some days. The crisis flogs this place since a long time. All people have debts and live with credits.
   Fortunatelly, a millionaire arrives and comes in the unique small hotel of the place. He asks a bedroom. He put a bill of 100 euros on the receptionist table and he´s going to see the bedrooms.
    The chief of the hotel catchs the bill and runs in order to pay his debts with the butcher. This one catchs the bill and runs to pay what his debts with the breeeder of pigs. Suddenly, this one runs to pay what he owes to the supplier of food for animals. This one catchs the note and runs to pay his debts with María, the prostitute. (She is offering her services by credit, because of the crisis). The prostitute, with the bill on your hands, goes to the small hotel where she had brought her clients the last times and she hadn´t paid yet. She give the bill to owner of the hotel.
   In this moment, the millionaire goes down, who has just seen the bedrooms. He says he doesn´t like any bedroom. He takes the note and he goes.
   Nobody has won anything, but now all city lives without debts and look at the future with confidence!!!

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