miércoles, 17 de abril de 2013

JOKE: The woman who saved the life of 1.600 people

Holiday by cruise 

Mi diary... Day 1
I´m  already ready to do this wonderful cruise.
I have taken my best dresses. I´m very excited!
                          Mi diary... Day 2
We have spent the whole day on the beach. It was pretty. I saw some dolphins and whales.
  My holiday start very well!!
Today I found the Captain and he seems an interesting man.
My diary... Day 3
I have spent the whole day in the swimming pool, doing surf and giving golf balls. 
  The Captain has invited me to his table to dinner. It was an honour for me and I had a marvellous time.
He´s an attractive and attentive man.
 My diary... Day 4

I have been at the casino of the boat and I won 110 euros.
The Captain invited me to dinner with him in his ship´s cabin. We had a luxurious and spectacular dinner with foiegras, oysters, caviar and cava. He asked me if I could stay with him but I declined his invitation. I answered him I didn´t want to be unfaithful to my husband.

My diary... Day 5

I have come back to the swimming pool and I have burnt my skin a little. I have gone to the piano bar to spend there the rest of the day.
The Captain have sent me some cups. The truth is that he´s a charming man.
 He asked me again if I wanted to spend the night with him and I have answered again I couldn´t.
Then, he replied that if I continued denying him, he would sink the boat.
I was terrorized. 

My diary... Day 6

Today I have saved 1.600 people... four times!!!

I´m so glad...!!!

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