lunes, 15 de abril de 2013

JOKE: One son at the University

   One boy, who was studying at the University in the United States, realises, at the middle of the semester, that he had spent almost all money which his parents had done him. Then, one brilliant idea occurs to him and he calls to his father.
   - "Dad, you aren´t going to think the modern wonders of the education in this place. Here, in my University, the teachers have got one programme to teach to speak to dogs."
   -"And... what can I do in order to they accept Pluto (the dog of the house)?"- his father replies.
   -" You only have to send it to me with 1,000 euros and I entrust with registering it" - the boy says.
   So, the naive father sends the dog with 1.000 euros.
   At the 2/3 of the semester, more or less, the boy doesn´t have any money. Then  he decides to call his father again.
   -" Well, and... is Pluto making any progress?"- the father asks him.
   - " It´s incredible, dad! Pluto talk and talk without stopping, but... now, there is another course more advanced in order to teach the dogs to read." 
   - " You don´t say! and... what can I do to enroll Pluto in that course?"
   -" You only have to send me 2.500 euros and I entrust."
   So, the naive father sends the money.
   At the end of the course, the boy realises the dog doesn´t speak or read... so, the boy shoots at the dog.
  The boy arrives at his home at the end of the semester where his father is waiting them very happy.
   -" Where is Pluto? I´m looking forward to seeing it, let´s see how it speaks and reads. I have already ready one animals´ magazine to check if it´s able to read it."
   - " Dad, you won´t believe it! I had all things ready to the trip, when I see the dog lying down on the sofa, reading the New York Times, as all mornings. Suddenly, the dog says to me:
   - "Well... and does your father go on fucking with the redhead woman who lives in front of your house?"
   And the father answers:
   - " I hope you will have shot at that damn dog, before it related it to your mother!"
   - " Of course! This one was exactly what I did!"
   - "Well done!"- replied the father.
   The boy graduated and became a successful politician!

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