jueves, 2 de mayo de 2013

JOKE: If you don´t have any sisters...

This story happens in a small village, full of the typical rustic people who, in this moment, are at the square, seeing to fly flies and other insects.

Suddenly,  a wonderful Rolls-Royce with a driver appears.

The car stops in the middle of the square; Claudia Schiffer gets off the car and points a finger at one of them, saying:
-"You, come with me!"

Then man look at the sides, scared, meanwhile his friends encourage him:
-"Let´s go Cipriano. It´s to you! What a good luck you have!"

Cipriano approaches to the car, Schiffer says to him that he gets in and, at the moment, the car starts and leaves to the village full pelt.

Around about half an hour, The Rolls comes back with the Cirpiano inside alone. When he gets off , his friends asks him:
-"Cipriano, guy, what has happened?

-"Nothing, we have gone to the threshing floor, we have got off to the car...!"

-...she has taken off her clothes, has put them on the floor and has said to me that I took what I wanted!"

-"So, I have brought the car!"
-"You have done very well. What do you want the clothes for if you don´t have any sisters?"

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