domingo, 2 de junio de 2013

ABOUT ME. What is the money for me?

Mr. Money, the life around you, as an unique aim, is lacking of the sense.
Money? The enough money to live one respectable life.
 How long will I dedicate to get it? The fair and necessary time in order to accomplish with you. The rest of my life, I spent my time building smiles and fomenting some good enviroments.
  At the end of my days? I will abandon you without feeling nostalgia and I will carry with me the loving remembrances which I created for not to let you  capture me between your bars, losing the time in chasing you.

   These are some images of the Meetup group which I coordinate next to other friend of mine in Seville. A lot of problems and without earning any money, but... it's worth the effort, as you can appreciate.

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