viernes, 1 de marzo de 2013

JOKE: Celestial productivity

   Once upon a time in a village, 2 men are called both Joaquín González.
   One of the men was a priest and the other one was a taxi driver.
   The fate wanted the 2 men died the same day.
   They arrive at the sky where God wait them.
   - What´s your name?- God asks the first man.
   - Joaquín González.
   - The priest?
   - No, no, the taxi driver.
   God consults his booklet and says:
   - Good, you have won the Paradise.
   This tunic with threads of gold and this stick of platinum with incrustations of rubies belong you. You can come in.
   - Thank you, thank you - the taxi driver says.
   Then, 2 or 3 people come in. Now, the other Joaquín González is the next.
   - What´s your name, please?
   - Joaquín González.
   - The priest?
   - Yes.
   - Very well, my son. You have won the Paradise. This nightgown of linen and this stick of oak with incrustations of granite belong you.
   The priest says:
   - Excuse me. This one must be an error. I´m the priest!
   - Yes, my son, you have won the Paradise. The nightgown of linen and this stick of oak with incrustations of granite belong you.
   - No, it can´t be!  I know the other Joaquín González, he was a taxi driver, he lived in my village, he was a disaster like a taxi driver, went up on the pavements, his taxi crashed all days. One time his taxi crashed against a house, he drove very bad, he threw the lamposts... And... I spent 75 years of my life preaching all Sundays in the church. How can it be? It must be a mistake!
   - No, my son, it isn´t any mistake - God says. Here, in the sky, we become accustomed to do evaluations as you do in the earthly life.
   - How? I don´t understand.
   - Yes... now we work by objectives and results. Look, I´m going to explain your case and you will understand it immediately. During the last 25 years, every time that you preached, people slept, but... every time he drove, people praid.

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