viernes, 1 de marzo de 2013

JOKE: Her birthday gift

   A nice old woman decided to give herself for her birthday the pleasure of spending the night in one of the most expensive hotels in her city.
   When the next day she was going to pay, the receptionist gave her one facture of 550 euros!!!
   She got anger and demanded to know why the facture was so expensive.
   - It´s a good hotel but the rooms, without doubt, don´t cost 550 euros by spent one night and... without breakfast.
   The employee said to her that 550 euros was the standard rate, so she insisted on speaking to the director.
    The director appeard and... advised by the employee of reception, advertised:
   - The hotel has one olympic swimming pool and a great place of lectures which are available for its use..
   - But, I didn´t use them - she said.
   - Good, they are there and you could use them - the director explained.
   Then, he explained she also could  have seen one of the famous international shows of the hotel.
   - The better international artists come here - the director said.
   - But, I didn´t go to any of those shows - she said.
   - Good, we have them and you could see them - the director said.
   It didn´t matter what the director mentioned. She always said:
   - But, I didn´t use it!
   The director carried on unperturbed, so that she decided to pay with a cheque and she gave it to him.
   The director was surprised when he saw the cheque.
   - But, Mrs, this cheque has had done only for 50 euros..
   - This is correct. I have deducted it 500 euros for sleeping with me - she answered.
   - But, I didn´t do that! - the director exclaimed very surprised.
   - Bad luck!!! I was there and you could have done it.

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