viernes, 1 de marzo de 2013

JOKE: A couple with a fatal accident

   A couple had a fatal accident.
   They were sitting in front of the sky door waiting for Saint Peter. They started to ask themselves if to get married in the sky would be possible.
   When Saint Peter appeard, they asked it to him.
   - Hum... I don´t know - Peter said. It´s the first time that someone asks me one similar question. Give me a little time. I´m going to ask.
   The couple sat again. 
   Two months spent. Then, they started to consider that, if they got a permission to get married there, their marriage would be "everlasting" and... What would happen if their marriage didn´t work? They would be tied "everlasting".
   Two months spent again and, finally, Saint Peter appeard enough exhausted.
   - Yes - he said-  you are allowed to be married in the sky.
   - It´s wonderful! - the couple answered-, but precisely we were thinking what would happen if our marriage don´t work. Could we divorce here too?
   Saint Peter, turned red with anger, threw the papers (which he brought) on the floor and looked forward the frightened couple:
   - I have spent 4 months to find a priest up here. Do you know how long I´m going to need to find a lawyer?

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