viernes, 1 de marzo de 2013

JOKE: The milkman´s heritage

   A milkman (who is dying in the hospital) gets together with his two children, his daugther and his wife and... surrounded by all and his nurse, delivers his inheritance.
   He says to his oldest son:
   - "Peter, I leave you the houses of the North."
   - "My little daughter, I leave you all apartments of the zone South."
   -"Carlitos, my younger son, you have got a great future, I leave you the offices of the Centre".
   - "And for you, my dear wife, I leave you The Cumbres building in the West of the city."
   The nurse, impressed, says to the wife:
   - "Mrs, her husband is very rich; you are going to inherit a lot of propertys!
   And the wife, quickly, answers her:
   -"What the hell! He isn´t rich! These ones are the routes where he delivers milk."

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