viernes, 1 de marzo de 2013

JOKE: And old man had a lake in his farm...

   An old man had a lake in his farm.
   After a long time, he decides has a look in order to know if all was in order.
   He took a basket to take advantage the stroll and to pick some fruits by the way.
   When he was near the lake, he heard some animated voices.
   He saw a group of completely strip women taking a bath.
   When they saw the man , all women rushed to the part deeper of the lake, keeping only their heads outside of water.
   One of the women shouted:
   -"We won´t go out while you don´t go far away!"
   The old man replies:
   -"I don´t come until here to see how you swim o how you go out completely strip of the lake!"
   He says to them,  raising the basket:
   -" I´m here in order to feed to the crocodile!"

   Moral: Age, experience and trade always will triumph over youth and enthusiasm.

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