domingo, 30 de junio de 2013

JOKE: The psychiatrist and the waiter

 Since I was a child, I was always afraid when I went to bed because I believed someone was under my bed. Tired of this condition, one day I went to talk to a psychiatrist:
   - "Every time I go to bed, I´m frightened because I think someone is under my bed. I´m afraid. Do you think I´m  becoming crazy? Will I be able to recover?"
   - " In twelve months time you will get better" - the psychiatrist said to me. " Come to see me three times per week and I will cure all your fears".
   - "And... how much does it cost?" - I asked him.
   - "Cheap, 80 euros every visit" - the doctor answered.
   - "I seem a little expensive, but ... if I´m cured, it´s worth to try it." - I did.
   - "I attended only three times because it represented a lot of money for me."
   6 months later, I found the doctor on the street.
   - "Hello! - the doctor said to me - Why didn´t you come any more to my surgery?"
   - "It was very expensive for me! Fortunatelly, I found a waiter who cured me in a unique visit for 10 euros and with beer and tapa included!" - I answered him.
   - "It´s incredible!" - the doctor said a little annoyed. "But... Can I know how he could cure you?"
   - "Yes, doctor. He said to me that I cut the legs of my bed. Now, it´s impossible no one is under my bed."

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