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REFLECTION: The effect 99

   Once upon a time a king who looked for the hapiness. Although he had all pleasures at your disposal, he felt as an empty person. He felt so unhapiness that he admired one of his poorest servants, because this one radiated good fortune and joy regardless of he didn´t have enough money to live.
   The king asked how this servant could be happiner than he to the wise man of his kingdom.
   The wise man answered him: 
   - "I need you understand the efect 99 to be able to explain you the reason of your unhapiness and of almost all people."
   - "What do you mean?" - the king asked.
   When you get a handbag with 99 gold coin, come and I will be able to explain you.
   The king got what the wise man had asked him and this one said to him that now he should follow to the servant until his house, but the servant shouldn´t be seen.
   The king followed his servant toward his house.
   When the servant came in his house, the wise man put the handbag with the 99 gold coin at the door of his house, knocked the door and cut and run in order to place himself out of view next to the king. When the servant left his house, he saw the handbag, took it and came in his house again. The wise man and the king went on spying on him from the window.
   The servant opened the handbag and was amazed with the contents. He was delighted and started to count all coins impatiently. When he finished to count all coins, he started to scratch his head intrigued and he began again to count all coins because he believed it was necessary one coin more to complete the 100.
   When  he finished the second re-countig, the servant lost his temper and started to look for under the table without any track of this lost coin; so he began to cause anguish himself.
   Then, the wise man said to the king:
   - Do you realize? This is what I mean with the effect 99. The servant, as you, doesn´t appreciate any more most of his blessings, he only pays attention to the small details without importance. 
   The unhapiness of the human beeings lies in this matter.

By A. Jodorowsky

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