jueves, 20 de junio de 2013

JOKE: A young student of Law

  A young student of Law failed his final examination. Then, he put a question to his strict professor (famous for his legal clever mind):
   - Professor, do you understand all about your subject in fact?
   - I think so, in another way I wouldn´t be a professor.
   - Very well. Then, I would like to formulate you a question. If you get the right answer, I will accept my fail. On the contrary, You will have to give me a distinction.
   And... what is your question?
    - It´s very simple: what is LEGAL but not LOGICAL, LOGICAL but not LEGAL and not LOGICAL or LEGAL?
   The professor thought... and thought... and thought... but didn´t get the right answer. Finally, he gave up and changed the fail for a distinction.
   For the rest of the day, the professor continued thinking about the damned question. The following day, he called the more brilliant students and announced he had a difficult question:
   - What is LEGAL but not LOGICAL, LOGICAL but not LEGAL and not LOGICAL or LEGAL?
   Surprised and ashamed, all students raised their hands.  - Well - the professor says giving the answer.
   - It´s very easy, professor! Look: you are 60 years old and is married with a woman who is 25 years old: this is LEGAL but not LOGICAL. His wife has a mistress who is 22 years old: this is LOGICAL  but not LEGAL. And the mistress of his wife has failed the examination but you have just given a distinction that isn´t LOGICAL or LEGAL.

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