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JOKE: Pain of testicles

This is a salesclerk...

   Juan didn't have any problem and was happy. One day he started to suffer from headaches; at the begining they were light but, after a time, they were stronger and stronger until to be unbearable.
   His job and his life began to be affected by this problem and then Juan decided to visit to the doctor.
   The specialist examined him, did some radiographs, a sample of blood, of faeces, of urine and, at least, said to him:
   - I have to give you one good news and one bad news.
   - The good one is that I can cure your headaches.
   - The bad one is that for doing this, I will have to castrate you.

   You suffer one rare situation: your testicles press the base of your vertebral column and this causes your headaches. The unique way of mending it is to surgically remove your testicles.   Juan got depressed, but your headaches got worse and he decided to be operated.
   When he left the hospital, your headache had disappeared absolutely; however, he felt sad and depressed, as though one part of himself lacked (obviously).   What I need is a new suit - he said.
   So, he came in a shop and took a suit.   The salesclerk observed him one moment and said:
   - Very well, size 44.
   Exactly! How did you know?
   - This is my job - the salesclerk answered.
   Juan tried on the suit, and it fit perfectly.

   While he was observing himself in front of the mirror, the salesclerk said to him:
   What about a new shirt?
   Juan answered:
   - Why not?
   - Look, it has to be a sleeve 34 and a neck 16.
   - How did you know?

   -This is my job - the salesclerk repeated.
   Juan tried on the shirt and meanwhile he was seen himself in he mirror, the salesclerk said to him:

   - Some new shoes?
   - Of course - he said.

   The salesclerk had a look at the Juan's feet.
   - The 42.
   - That's right! How did you know?
   - This is my job - the salesclerk answered again.
   While Juan was admired your new shoes, the salesclerk asked him:

   - What about  some new underpants?
   Juan, for a moment, thought about the operation that he had just suffered and said:

   - Good idea!
   - The underpants must be size 36 - the salesclerk said.
   Juan laughed:
   - No, it's a mistake. I have used a size 34 since I was 18 years old.

   The salesclerk denied with his head:

   - It's impossible: the underpants were too tight, they pressed your testicles against the base of your vertebral column and you would have all day a horrible headache...!!!!!!!!!!  WITHOUT WORDS!!!

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