viernes, 1 de marzo de 2013

JOKE: Only for women

  - "The heart of a woman is like a circus: she always has a place for a clown more."

   - "What must we give a man who thinks he has of all things?"
   - "We must give a woman to teach him how each thing works."

   -"Why are married women more fat than the single women?"
   - "The single woman arrives to her home, she sees what there are in the fridge and goes to bed; the married woman arrives to her home, she sees what there is in the bed and, she goes to the fridge."

   - "Why does the black spider kill the male spider after copulating?"
   - "To finish with the snore before this one starts".

   - " Why only the 10% of the men go to the sky?"
   - "Because if all men go there, the sky would be a hell!"

   - " What is the difference between men and pigs?"
   - "Pigs don´t become men when they drink."

   -"What happened to a woman who get to understand to men?"
   - " She died laughing and hadn´t time to relate it to anyone."

   - " Why men always have their clear conscience?"
   - " Because they never use it."

   - "Why God created first a man and after a woman?"
   - " Because first we experiment with animals."

   - " Why do men like clever women?"
   - "Because opposite poles attract."

   - " What is the shorter book in the world?"
   - " All what men know about women".

   - " What is the difference between men and fruits?"
   - " The main difference is that fruits ripen."

   - " Why are batteries better than men?"
   - " Because, at least, they have a positive side!"

   - " Why are necessary millions od spermatozzons to fertilize an unique ovule?"
   - " Because, espermatozzons are male and so, they never ask any adress... they lost!"

   - " When do men lost the 90% of you intelligence?"
   - " When they are widowed and the other 10% when their dog die!"

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